David Lee isn’t Southern California’s most famous Ferrari collector, but he might be its most determined.

The watch and jewelry magnate has curated a stable of the Italian exotics, which he houses in a private garage in the San Gabriel Valley.


Currently in the collection of red racers is a complete set of Ferrari’s five modern supercars — a 2003 Enzo, a 1995 F50, a 1990 F40, a 1985 280 GTO and a rare 1987 288 GTO Evoluzione, a prototype for a Class B rally race car, of which only five were built.


He also thinks his passion for Italian cars is going to encourage more interest in classic Ferraris in his native China, which he left as a child. That, in turn, could increase the value of his collection.


“I think the Chinese market is going to be important for classic cars,” he said. “They’re not in the game now. But they will be, and that will drive the prices higher.”


la-fi-hy-ferrari-collection-david-lee-pictures-004la-fi-hy-ferrari-collection-david-lee-pictures-005 la-fi-hy-ferrari-collection-david-lee-pictures-010 la-fi-hy-ferrari-collection-david-lee-pictures-007ย ย  la-fi-hy-ferrari-collection-david-lee-pictures-001

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